Florida Integrated Food Safety Center of Excellence

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Integrated Food Safety Center of Excellence Southeastern Region Education and Training Needs Assessment

To assist in focusing the efforts of the Florida Integrated Food Safety Center of Excellence, a needs assessment was conducted with the purpose to assess current needs/knowledge gaps among state and local personnel involved in food safety activities and to assess the best approach to reach the target audience. The online survey was distributed to foodborne outbreak responders in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and Puerto Rico. Please follow the below link to review the results of this needs assessment.
Needs Assessment published August 13, 2013

Integrated Food Safety Centers of Excellence Vision Meeting – October 24-25, 2017

The Integrated Food Safety Centers of Excellence gathered in Tampa, FL for the annual vision meeting on October 24-25, 2017 to kickoff discussions on new and current projects, future goals, and present information related to completed activities. Partners attending included FDA, CDC, University of Oregon, University of Tennessee, University of Georgia, University of Florida, Cornell University, Colorado School of Public Health, University of Minnesota, and hosted by the Florida Department of Health.

Regional partners of Integrated Food Safety Center of Excellence group photo

First row: Elizabeth Sillence [CDC], Rebecca Lindsey [CDC], Don Sharp [CDC], John Dunn [TN], Carlotta Medus [MN], Martin Wiedmann [Cornell University]
Second row: Josh Rounds [MN]
Third row: Andie Newman [NY], Rachel Jervis [CO], Jamie DeMent [FL], Paula Tuth [NY], Ynes Ortega [University of Georgia]
Fourth row: Ingrid Hewitson (CO), Travis Goodman [FDA], Hillary Booth [OR], Kirk Smith [MN], Arie Havelaar [University of Florida], Gwen Biggerstaff [CDC], Genevieve Sullivan [NY]
Fifth row: Chad Bailey [FL], Elizabeth Beshearse [University of Florida], Tamara Chavez-Lindell [TN], Hilary Whitham [CIFOR], Alice White [CO], Craig Hedberg [MN], Dale Morse [CDC], Jeff Bethel [Oregon State University], Ian Williams [CDC]
Attended but not pictured: Danielle Stanek [FL]


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